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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 27 September 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

As we are all about bringing you individual and exciting products and experiences, we think everybody’s Dad deserves a gift out of the ordinary this Father’s Day. Ditch the boring socks and aftershave, here at Smith & Sinclair we have come up with our top 4 unique gifts to inspire you this Father’s Day.

No.1: Luxury Gin and Tonic Set

This is the perfect gift for an aspiring gin connoisseur, treat your Father to an array of the best gin and tonics to be crowned dad's favourite. With this gin lover’s set he’ll receive 4 different gins accompanied with tonics and a tasting booklet to guide him to execution. Let him explore the gin and tonic recipes to create his bespoke gin cocktails.‍
This gift box retails at £25.95 and is available from Tipple Box.

No.2: Post-Poo Drops

Part of a dad’s job is to embarrass us and show off their ‘manliness' by kicking up a stench, they can’t deny how proud they are of the foul odour that they leave behind. Aesop cosmetics have created a silly, but seriously needed, product for you to treat your Dad this Father’s Day. 
Allow him to leave a beautiful trail of citrus peel and discreet florals after his number 2. Aesop men’s premium poo spray is a classy but funny gift to give your old man this Father’s day.
Post-Poo Drops retail at £20 for 100ml from Aesop.

No.3: Scratch Map Chalk Edition

Does your dad have a story behind every single topic that is discussed? Allow him to present his travels on a bigger picture with this World Scratch Map that helps him make his mark on the world. After visiting a specific country, he can scratch off the map to reveal a colourful representation of his world voyage. Ideal for all those adventure-seeking Dads out there.
This product has been created by Scratch Map, and is available from John Lewis at £22.95.‍

No.4: House 99 by David Beckham x L'Oréal

What better way to gift your dad with the hopes and dreams of becoming like the ultimate fit Dad, David Beckham. The hunk has teamed up with a leading men's skincare specialist, L'Oréal, to create a range of male grooming products; from moisturisers to beard oils and face washers, he’s got it covered.‍
Get your Dad to smell as good as David Beckham and buy this product range at £18, available from Debenhams.

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