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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

What: International Beer Festival

When: Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th September 2018

Where: Leeds

It’s back and bigger than ever, the annual International Beer Festival graces the city of Leeds for the 7th year in a row and we’re ooh so excited! The Victoria town hall hosts a full weekend of fun, with over 100 varieties of craft beer and ale available, grab your favourite brew and enjoy the live music and delicious street food. This year the beer gods from across the pond, Maine Breweries, are kitting out the popular beer box with over 60 USA beers. We want you want to be experimental, so I guess you’ll have to try as many different types as you can, good luck!


What: Hayman of London’s Ginema

When: Friday 7th – Monday 10th September 2018

Where: Balham, London

Yep that’s right, Ginema – a gin cinema! All you gin lovers listen up. Sit back, relax and sip your favourite G&T whilst watching an array of cult classics including the Breakfast Club and Grease. Your night will kick off with a glorious welcome English Gin & Tonic and be entertained throughout the night with an immersive cinema experience. Hayman’s will treat you to 2 film themed gin cocktails and you can munch away on the London Dry Gin flavoured popcorn – gin, gin and more gin – what more could you want.

This ‘Back to School’ Cinema is available at £40 per person and for more ticket information head over to Hayman’s website.


What: The Lush Showcase

When: Sunday 23rd – Monday 24th September 2018

Where: Manchester

We love to create new, immersive experiences for everybody to discover and Lush Cosmetics are treating the lovely residents of Manchester with a spectacular showcase of all things Lush. The team want to educate you on the revolutionary journey that the brand and products have gone through, from the sourcing of ingredients to how your bubbly bath bomb is formed. As well as immersing yourself in a sensorial experience, get involved with their manufacturing team and create your own fragrant products. Encountering new experiences like this helps engage all your scenes and makes an event memorable for you and your friends to enjoy.

Head down to Manchester Central Convention Complex this September and grab your tickets from their website.


What: Buckingham Palace Summer Opening

When: Open until 30th September 2018

Where: London

We do love our Queen Lizzy and we value our British heritage dearly. We are proud to say we’ve flourished as a business in the heart of London, so we think it’s important to celebrate and enjoy the city’s landmarks. Every summer the palace opens its doors for the public to explore, with over 775 rooms but only (yes, only) 19 open you can experience the life of royalty. The tour lets you snoop around the rooms where the Queen hosts her receptions and takes you on an exhibition of the gifts she has received in her 65-year reign. Including a sperm whale’s tooth necklace from Fiji to a dinosaur bone – we reckon Lizzy would love a Smith & Sinclair Mixed Cocktail selection, don’t you think?


What: Banksy’s Walking Tour

When: Open until December 2018

Where: Bristol

Adventure round the heart of Bristol and discover Banksy’s earliest work, he grew up in the streets with just spray can and a mind full of artistic flare. Many of his most famous work were created in Bristol and they’re a treasure to the city, Bristol is such a cultural hub, so this art trail is a must. To make your experience as educational and easy-going as possible we recommend downloading the Banksy trail app, helping you pinpoint each piece at locations like the Floating Harbour, Park Street, Stokes Croft and Montpelier.

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