Glamorous Gift Box: a box full of your favorite edible cocktails!

Do you love a Vodka martini, Bellini, classic Old Fashioned or a Gin & Tonic as well? Or is there someone else who's a fan of cocktails? Then you definitely need to get this glamorous Gift Box! Inside this box, you'll find a total of 10 individually packaged cocktail candies in the most delicious cocktail flavors. There simply isn't a better gift for a cocktail enthusiast!

How are the gummies made?

In creating these gummies, we used premium spirits as the main ingredient. Additionally, for each flavor, we used different cocktail bitters, dried fruits, and herbs to achieve the ultimate garnish. Our gummies contain 5% alcohol, which makes them taste exactly like the cocktails they are based on. Our goal is to bring together the nostalgia of childhood with the guilty pleasures of adult life.