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The 'For You' Selection of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

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Need some me-time? The FOR YOU Box is specially made for you!

We've put together the FOR YOU Box exclusively for you. Inside this box, you'll find 10 delightful alcoholic cocktail gummies that we've carefully selected just for you. With these treats, you can create the perfect moment of me-time for yourself.


Selection of our favorite cocktail gummies

We'll keep the flavors of the gummies a secret for now. When assembling the box, we curate a selection of our favorite cocktail gummies of the moment, and that can change from time to time. This means that with this box, you're in for a real surprise, and that's incredibly exciting to experience.


10 Alcoholic cocktail gummies in delicious cocktail flavors

While we won't reveal the specific flavors you'll find in this box, we can tell you that they are delicious candies that taste just like real cocktails. To create our gummies, we use strong spirits, cocktail bitters, dried fruits, and herbs for the ultimate garnish. As a result, the cocktail gummies taste exactly like the cocktails they're based on, making them the perfect snacks to indulge in during your me-time.

Our gummies contain 5% alcohol, so you'll definitely get to savor the delicious cocktail taste. This is ideal when you want to enjoy various types of cocktails during your me-time.

Treat yourself to some me-time with our FOR YOU Box!

A little self-love is never a bad idea. It's essential to be kind not only to others but also to yourself. That's why it's a great idea to set aside some me-time for yourself now and then. Treat yourself not only to some alone time but also surprise yourself with the delightful FOR YOU Box, containing gummies you'll truly enjoy. Order your FOR YOU Box today!



Our alcoholic cocktail gummies yield a subtle kick at 5% ABV.

Please eat responsibly, and remember: sophistication not intoxication.