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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

Here's our pick of the top bars for a night out in amazing Manchester. Why not combine all of them and do an epic bar crawl?

Crane & Grain

This industrial-cool, quirky cocktail bar in the northern quarter of Manchester is the perfect destination for a killer cocktail and hearty food – the best combination. Known for their Texan-style ribs, take a seat in the ‘Rib Joint’ bar on the ground floor then venture up to the swanky cocktail bar on the first floor, The Liar’s Lounge. Sip on tiki-inspired cocktails and enjoy the Caribbean island of Manchester.

Signature cocktail:

The Melon-Go-Coco

A Caribbean concoction of Malibu, Midori, Pineapple, Coco Re’al, Fresh Watermelon and lime – served in a tall tiki glass and a fresh slice of watermelon.

Fancy creating your own tiki tipple? Want to take part in the best cocktail masterclass in Manchester? Check out their website for more information.


The Wash House

Need reminding to stick your dirty washing in the washing machine? No problem, The Wash House is hidden behind a laundromat and is the Nania of prohibition bars.  

This speakeasy offers a wide range of spirits, from local to international – the variety of cocktails, whiskeys and wines available will leave you spoilt for choice. Sink into the dark, leather sofas and enjoy exceptional table service throughout the night, the bass of deep house fills the room- making Manchester the new Ibiza.

Need the details? Sadly, it’s not that easy but that’s the fun part, call the bar – let them know how many bags you want to be washed (strange, we know) & they’ll get back to you with a reservation. The rest is up to you, explore the streets of the Northern Quarter and good luck finding the strangest secret bar of Manchester! 

Signature cocktail:

This Mary Ain't Going Nowhere

A thick blend of spice Chorizo Belenkaya, Jägermeister, Vida Mezcal, Tomato, Bury Black Pudding, Chipotle andSpices – a crazy twist on the classic Bloody Mary. 

Convenience Store

Need to pick up a few items from your local newsagent? The Convenience Store has everything you need, follow the neon signs and the trail of nostalgic 90s décor to grab the everyday essentials.

The outrageous and hilarious character of this cocktail bar will give you an unforgettable experience. The unreal Mexican bites and crazy cocktails on offer will make you want to shop here daily. Your favourite tipple with a twist can be found here – just follow the ‘Not Another Tesco F****** Express’ sign.

Signature cocktail:

Concussion Cola

Take a big hit of Spiced Cherry Jack Daniels, Mr Blacks Coffee, Salted Caramel with a splash of Cola.

Check out The Convenience Store's extravagant cocktail menu


The Fitzgerald

A room full of vintage, delicate glassware and tens of lit up spirits – this cocktail bar in Manchester represents the pinnacle of a 1920s speakeasy. The talented barmen serve up perfectly created classics but love to add an extra jazz with dry ice and signature cocktails. This hidden gem of Manchester is vibrantly lit with violet lighting, with the sound of jazz in the background – makes this is the perfect spot for date night.

Signature cocktail:

Fitzgerald Bramble

A classic fresh, fruity blend of Gordon’s Gin, Blueberry Puree, Lemon Juice, Lemon Thyme and Sugar Syrup.

Fancy learning how to make the classic Fitzgerald Bramble? Book a ‘Great Gatsby Twist’ Cocktail Masterclass for you and your friends, at £30 per person it’s a must!

Find out more information about Manchester's best speakeasy


Apotheca Bar

The place for poisons & potions, find the most outrageous cocktails here in Manchester. This cool and quirky cocktail bar offers a wide range of drinks from their menu you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. We love this bar because you can enjoy your favourite cocktails at an affordable price, more reason to order more (yay!).

With a group of friends and want to share a cocktail? Apotheca offer cocktails bottled in beautiful vintage bottles – why not get risky and have a ‘Root to Ruin’ – share a concoction of Tanqueray gin, triple sec, lemon, teapot bitters, beetroot and pressed apple juice.

Signature cocktail:

Chilli Chocolate Manhattan

Bulleit bourbon stirred with sweet vermouth, chilli & chocolate bitters.

Check out their huge menu of cocktail creations and their cocktail masterclasses

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