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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

1. Oriole Bar, London

 With warm, exotic décor from floor to ceiling – the Oriole Bar is a treasure to the avenues on Farringdon. This little gem oozes class with their jazz, swing and blues bands creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cocktail or two. Take a seat at the bar and watch head barman, Luca Cinalli and his team, take the most obscure and exotic ingredients and create a cocktail full of flavour. They artistically present their cocktail menu in an album of drinks representing the world: The Old world, New world and the Orient. If you want to immerse yourself into a journey of flavour and surprise, the Oriole Bar is a place you must visit. 

Cocktails at the best bars in the world

The Oriole Bar, London

Check out the Oriole Bar's cocktail menu


2. Speaklow, Shanghai

‍Shanghai, a cultural hub of East China and known for having the perfect blend between modern and traditional – with restaurants and bars that are out of the ordinary, Speaklow stands out from the crowd. As you enter through a hidden bookshelf of a bartending equipment shop, you enter a 4 storied speakeasy. As you climb from floor to floor the atmosphere changes from a lively and vibrant New York inspired cocktail scene to a mellow, premium spirit-lead bar on the 4th floor. Cocktails are sipped and often created by founder Gokan, serving up masterpieces like the Parmigiano Sour – a combination of pisco, tokaji, parmigiano, honey-lemon tea and egg white. For exquisite and unforgettable evening drinks in a city that never sleeps, Speaklow is the place to be.

 To find out more about one of the best cocktail bars in China, head over to their website

Cocktail Bars in Shangahi

Speaklow, Shangahi


3. Attaboy, New York

Known for the bar with no menu, Attaboy will provide you with a bespoke cocktail dedicated to your mood, tastes and journey you want to be taken on. As you head into the relaxed atmosphere, your bartender will be your best friend – trust him with your evening and allow him to create THE perfect tipple. Whether you’re obsessed with a gin cocktail or champagne is the key to your heart, your bartender will make it a night to remember.


4. Little Red Door, Paris

A glowing Parisian hotspot - with a candle in every corner, this is the perfect bar to devour a perfectly created cocktail in the heart of Paris. Little Red Door are known worldwide as cocktail connoisseurs with their innovative and creative minds behind each concoction, all of which help make their mark on the cocktail scene. They take you on a journey when choosing your drink, the cocktail menu is a book that is switched up throughout the year – making you want to comeback for more. This cocktail club is for the drinkers who appreciate the craft behind the magic. The barmen welcome questions about the inventive menu, the premium price is worth every gulp and the Modernismo is a gin-lover’s favourite. It involves a blend of Beefeater gin, nutmeg, champagne and an herb called oxalis.

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Paris's best cocktail bar

Little Red Door, Paris


5. Milk & Honey, Soho London

Hidden behind a small dark door in the avenues of Soho, the famous cocktail club, Milk& Honey. The 3 floored, prohibition styled cocktail club hosts an atmosphere offering over 70 beers, wines, luxury bubbles and cocktail creations. The 30’s inspired décor brings the Manhattan atmosphere to the heart of Soho, with the flamboyant cocktail menu – we recommend ordering the London’s Calling. Infused with gin, sherry, lemon and bitters – this drink is full of citrus scents and is the freshest drink to start the night with.

The best cocktails in Soho, London

Milk & Honey, Soho

If you love finding Soho's best cocktail bars, check out their menu

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