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Written by: Darren Wilson | Posted: 02 July 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

London is home to Smith & Sinclair and to credit the hundreds of amazing cocktail bars that thrive within the city, we wanted to show you who creates the craziest cocktails of them all. Whether it’s a savoury twist on the classics or an extravagant sharing cocktail for you and your friends to enjoy. We’ve chosen a list of drinks that are full of imagination and innovation- something that we, at Smith & Sinclair love!


What: The Bacon and Egg Martini

Where: London Cocktail Club

Price: £9

What tickles your taste buds, sweet or savoury? Be daring and try this strange but delicious bacon and egg martini! The sweetness of the maple syrup and kick of the infused bourbon makes this alcoholic twist on the classic dish a real delight. The cocktail contains bourbon, maple syrup, egg white, lemon juice, bitter and garnished with a crispy ration of bacon and a Haribo egg.

Credit: London Cocktail Club

Bacon and Egg Martini Cocktail


What: Pina-Kale-ADA

Where: Duck & Waffle

Price: £14

Summer is in full swing and we all seem to be on a “diet”, so why not include one of your 5-a-day in a delicious cocktail? Duck and Waffle have dedicated a cocktail menu to the humble vegetable. The Pina-Kale-ADA is a fresh tropical cocktail, perfect to enjoy this summer, containing Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, pineapple, toasted coconut and kale. Boozy & beneficial, just what the doctor ordered.

Credit: Duck and Waffle

Healthy Pinacolada cocktail


What: The House Party sharing cocktail

Where: The Toy Shop, Putney

Price: £75 for 4-6 people

We love all things extravagant and exciting, so we wanted to show you one of the best sharing cocktails in London. Our friends over at The Toy Shop bring the house rave to your table, a concoction of rum, raspberry liqueur and exotic juices, served with vapour flowing out the doors gets the party started.

Credit: @thetoyshop

The best smoking cocktail in London


What: Handsome & Gretel

Where: The Gibson Bar

Price: £13

This innovative menu definitely has the WOW factor. Choose a cocktail by selecting your favourite month of the year and each cocktail has been carefully designed to ignite the senses that you associate with that time of year. The Handsome & Gretel is November’s cocktail, featuring naked grouse. spiced gingerbread wine, caramel of honey, egg yolk, ginger beer, magic voodoo oil and fresh orange and lemon. A warming cocktail served in an elegant and sophisticated swan glass, sip and enjoy!

Credit: @chocodolphin

Elegant cocktail made in London

What: The Fab

Where: Dirty Bones London

Price: £9

An all-time summer ice-lolly favourite transformed into the most delightful gin infused cocktail – The Fab. Why not cool down in the summer heat with this Hundreds & Thousands candy rimmed cocktail, The Fab is a blend of Tanqueray gin, Cointreau, Martini Rosso, lemon, gomme syrup and egg white. Dirty Bones London are cocktail connoisseurs and offer you the strangest but most spectacular food and cocktail menu – a must-go!

Credit: Dirty Bones London

A summer ice lolly cocktail

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