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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

Dive into the art exhibitions of the South Bank or have a food filled day at the Tower of London. Explore the historic & cultural attractions of London with a S&S added extra.


What: Tower Of London Food Festival

Where: Tower Hill, London

When: Friday 7th September – 9th September 2018

The Tower of London, home of the Crown Jewels and an icon of British history – culinary experts, food enthusiasts and cocktail creators are teaming up to bring you a weekend full of tasty food and entertainment. Round up the foodies and enjoy the demonstrations from chef’s across the country including Michel Roux Jr and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain. Find out who really owns the Crown Jewels of baking when taking part in patisserie classes and even better, cocktail making masterclasses.

Tickets start from £10.75 each which include admission into the Palace and festival, enjoy and explore the wonders of this historic British location this September.

Buy your tickets for London's best food festival.


What: Banksy’s Greatest Hits: 2002- 2008.

Where:  Lazinc Sackville, Mayfair

When: Ends 8th September 2018

Banksy’s art work is recognised and loved from people across the world, a selection of his greatest artwork, including Girl and Balloon (2006), is being showcased at Mayfiar’s Lazinc Sackville gallery for a limited time only. Making an impact on the world of art through his social and political views is something we definitely admire.


What:  Colourscape Music Festival

Where: Clapham Common, London

When: Saturday 15th– 23rd September 2018

An annual event in Clapham heightening your senses through colour, music, space and experiences. This event has been on since 1989, the colourscape is a giant labyrinth of colour and light. The largest colourscape of them all allows you to explore and immerse yourself into the sculpture, discover theatre, music and dance performances in multiple points. This is the final Eye Music event taking place this summer, make sure you head down to the 1 acre sculpture on the 15th for a day full of exploring.

Find out more information about discounted offers for the Colourscape music festival


What: Artist Rooms by Jenny Holzer

Where: Tate Modern, South Bank, London

When: Until July 2019

We love to disrupt and provoke multi-sensorial experiences in every aspect of Smith & Sinclair, whether it’s through making you feel nostalgic when licking our Prosecco Dippers or chasing after Edible Bubbles to try a different kind of Mojito. Jeeny Holzer is hosting a provoking exhibition in the Tate Modern until summer 2019 and it is one not to miss. Statements, quotes and poetry are plastered upon objects as simple as a plastic cup and as random as a condom – the words are the centre of her art. We want to show you places that stretch your mind and help inspire your day to day lives and creativity into the extraordinary.

Visit one of London's best attractions for free


Fancy something different & not far from the city? Our top pick of adventures close to London:

What: Stonehenge Tour

Where: Salisbury, UK

When: Whenever you fancy.

An iconic symbol of Britain, with over 4500 years of history behind this UK landmark, visiting Salisbury is a must when celebrating the wonders of our country. As the weather perks up into September and only an hour-and-a-half train journey from London, why not wonder around Stone Circle and the Neolithic houses to captivate Salisbury’s landmarks. With there still being questions around why it was built, from a burial to a site of astronomical heeling, people love to be inspired and educated about this masterpiece of engineering.  

Find the perfect itinerary when visiting StoneHenge

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