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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

A workman never blames his tools, right? Well you definitely won’t as here at Smith & Sinclair we want to make sure you’ve got all the right equipment to execute your concoctions in the best possible way. Whether it’s a statement shaker or a jazzy muddler, we have given you the examples of what you need and where you can buy it.


1. The Cocktail Shaker

There are 3 main types of cocktail shakers that you can get your hands on: Boston, Cobbler and French. The professional’s pick is the Boston, and this luxe Rose Gold Cocktail Tin and Glass set is the perfect tool to shake things up with.

Urban Bar present this high grade Japanese Steel shaker at £16.22, a beautiful piece for the perfect home bar.

2. Cocktail Strainer

We love a matching set so why not pair your luxury Japanese Steel shaker with strainer. When creating your masterpiece this cocktail utensil is vital for avoiding cleaning up. A strainer prevents lumps of ice ruining the smooth and slick cocktail you have set out to create.

Buy this beautiful cocktail strainer here at £12.58.

3. A Jigger

Precision is a key skill when making the most delicate of drinks, “one part this, two parts that” – a jigger is a necessity for accuracy. If you’re an ‘educated guess’ kind of person and the stronger the better, then this may not be as important – measurements are tailored to you.

Complement your Rose Gold collection with this Aero Jigger at £10.61.

4. Cocktail spoon:

Put your mixology skills to the test when experimenting with fruits, herbs, spirits and syrups and use the all-important cocktail spoon. With multiple uses it is a fundamental aspect when wanting to wow your guests with vibrant, fruity flavours. Check out this Wayfair set and this 2-way spoon and muddler.

5. Fruit Juicer

This snazzy fruit juicer is a fun way to jazz up your home cocktail bar, a citrus squeezer is needed for squeezing out all the juices to make you Margarita zing. The juices from lemon and limes, for example, extenuate the flavours you’ve created in your masterpiece.

Available at John Lewis for £49.95

6. Ice Makers

When putting your cocktail skills to the test you need ice to either create the cocktail or to serve. When presenting the perfect G&T to your dinner guest why serve over an extraordinary ice cube. This silicone construction creates jack-shaped ice perfect for garnishing cocktails.

8. Glassware

To present your perfect cocktail creation we want you to have the most impressive and individual glassware for your guests to drink out of. When serving up the Smith & Sinclair Prosecco Cocktail, serve in a beautiful coupe glass.

A highball glass is the go-to for the majority of cocktails including the standard whiskey and coke.

Double Rocks Glass is perfect for a neat pour of whiskey on a couple of cubes of ice.

Shot Glasses are perfect for the ‘tequila!’ moments of madness but also a complimentary glass for a Pornstar Martini – a shot filled of bubbling prosecco.

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