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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 10 October 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

Hey there, didn’t recognise us? Thought so, it’s because we’ve had a complete makeover - the whole shebang. British confectionery was a dying art, Co-founder, Melanie Goldsmith, decided enough was enough and Smith & Sinclair were going to switch things up a little. What better time to talk about it than today, when we can proudly announce that we've just received a £2 million investment to fuel our product innovation and retail experience on a global scale.


British confectionery was a dying art and that’s where we decided to step in. We wanted to save the nation’s tradition and be at the forefront of innovation but also making being an adult more fun. Our products and experiential activities give our audience a multi-sensorial experience that they will never forget, we have become the Willy Wonka of London.  We want to sprinkle joy and a pinch of awe to the standard day to day life – bringing you brand new products that challenge the norm.


What’s new?

Well, we believe it’s always cocktail ‘o clock so we’ve carefully created a bunch of boxes perfect for 6 occasions – 6 boxes, 6 ways to enjoy Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies.

That’s not all, our brand-new product range – the Edible Fragrance, is a newcomer to our shop. We wanted to bring a playful side to the way you make and Eat Your Drink. We bring you 3 flavours which are vegan friendly and gluten free.

Our Gummies:

As we are the alcohol innovators, we have mastered the art of the Edible Cocktail and we are now proudly 100% vegan. But we didn’t stop there, our 10 flavours have a new and improved recipe that will blow your mind. We present to you brand new flavours such as the Pineapple Bellini with Passionfruit sugar and the Mocha Espresso Martini with Coffee Sugar. 

Our Selection Boxes:

Our brand-new selection boxes have been designed to perfection – completely new packaging, colour ways and design. Inside each box will be 8 edible cocktails wrapped in our beautiful new packaging. 2 gummies of each flavour packed for your occasion. Whether you’re gin-obsessed or celebrating, we have the perfect goodie box for you.

The Party Selection

  • The party starter. With any good party, you need a a cocktail – edible and drinkable.

  • Brand new Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies such as Passionfruit Mojito, Mandarin Aperol Spritz and Pineapple Bellini.

After Dinner Selection

  • Netflix and Chill just got a makeover. The perfect selection of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies to crown you the ultimate dinner party guest.

  • Brand new Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies include Mocha Espresso Martini and Hibiscus Negroni, but our returning favourite is back with a bang – the Gin and Tonic with Lemon sugar.

The Night in Selection

  • This cocktail selection is perfect to accompany an evening of board games and movies. We’re here to show you the good times.

  • The newbies in this box are our delightful Mandarin Aperol Spritz and a warm Mocha Espresso Martini – accompanied by an original, the Berry Daiquiri.

The Gin Obsessed Selection

  • This selection is for you, the die-hard Gin lover. This selection is full of bursts of the nation’s favourite spirit coated in fruit infused sugars.

  • This box is full of the classic gin tipples, Elderflower Gin Spritz and Gin and Tonic – we cannot forget our brand-new gummies: Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble with Cherry sugar and Hibiscus Negroni.

The Celebration Selection

  • A box full of our favourite celebration drinks. Crack this box open and let the fun begin.

  • Presenting Pineapple Bellini and Passionfruit Mojito as our new cocktails – but don’t you worry, our favourites are still making an appearance: The Berry Daiquiri and Elderflower Gin Spritz.

The ‘For You’ Selection

  • Pick ‘n’ Mix the adult way. Personalise your selection box with your favourite Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies at John Lewis White City.


Our Edible Fragrance 

The Edible Fragrance can be used in 2 different ways: spritz onto your drink to enhance the taste by 80% or wear as a normal fragrance to get it licked right off:

Watermelon & Citrus edible fragrance

Spritz this onto your prosecco or a fruity cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan or a cloudy lemonade to enhance the flavour by 80%.

Pear & Vanilla edible fragrance

Perfectly pair this with a brandy or espresso martini. Even better, jazz up your afternoon tea by garnishing a warm black tea and heat up your bonfire night with our cocktail recipe.

Cherry Blossom & Mandarin edible fragrance

The pièce de résistance for the ultimate Gin cocktail – this flavour is fruity and perfect to wear out.


Fancy a box of cocktails or an edible fragrance? Shop the brand-new collection now and watch out for a bunch of competitions on our social channels @smithandsinclair

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