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Staycation Nation: How to Create a Luxurious Spa Experience at Home

Stress is a killer. Literally

The American Psychological Association (APA) has pinpointed a relationship between stress and the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

According to data collected from 143 countries by the American Institute of Stress, a whopping 35% of adults worldwide are beleaguered by it.  

That’s the doom and gloombut don’t fear; we’ve got happier news. Switching off has never been easier with the modern indulgence of a staycation. You can take stress into your own hands in defiance of these staggering statistics, and from the comfort of your home to boot.

A Lean, Mean Home-Based Wellness Routine

We’ve written this article to massage the ultimate staycation ideas into your mind. 

We all need some R&R and TLC in light of the unbearable weight of being, and we want this to be as inexpensive and effortless as possible. 

Learning to be languid in your spa at home will become your new love language, checking all the above criteria and more. 

Breathe in, breathe out, and soak in the tips for the ultimate DIY spa treatments below.

The Staycation BeginsYour Home Spa Day Must-Haves

With simple yet proper preparation, your staycation should take you from seething to supine and soothed, leaving you welcoming tomorrow rather than dreading it. 

Before turning your home into a harmonious Dome of Zen that even the Dalia Lama would envy, you should ensure that you’re adequately prepared to slather on as many forms of luxury self-care as you desire. 

To shield yourself against more unnecessary putrid pangs of stress and panic, here’s a checklist to follow when curating your spa at home.

  1. Calming Candles: No reason is needed hereset the ambiance with a few scented candles.

  2. Comfortable clothes: Because lounging around is just better in a robe, silky clothes, and slippers.

  3. Towels: Have a pile of clean, soft, dry hand and body towels handy, along with some washcloths.

  4. Eye Masks: Puffiness, dark circles, and lines—oh my! Reset fatigued and aging skin with these serum-infused patches.

  5. Bath Bombs: There’s nothing like adding a gorgeous aroma to your steamy hot bath water as a top pick for unrivaled relaxation techniques.

  6. Essential Oils: They’re essential for any great spa day while on a staycation. Beyond their delightful smells, they are beneficial as an antioxidant, anticancer, and antimicrobial solution. You can, for example, fill up your essential oil diffuser to relieve pain and inflammation.

  7. Sheet Masks: What’s better than a full-on facial? One that can be applied at super speed is what you get with these face masks that come with cutouts for your mouth, nose, and eyes. Revel in the smooth, soft skin of your face as these masks provide you with their vitamins, minerals, and serums.

7 Staycation Ideas for a Heavenly Home-Based Spa Day

1. Arranging the Ambiance 

You must create an environment that induces relaxation to get into the mood and let your hair down post-haste. 

Neaten up the spaces of your home you’re going to use for your spa day, put out your aromatherapeutic candles or oil diffusers, dim the lights or get out the lava lamps, and, above all, ensure the house is child-free!

2. Setting the Sound

Any spa worth its Epsom salt understands the importance of background music in setting the mood. 

Also, without concentrated mindfulness (meditation), silence, ironically, often causes more noise in the brain. Choose some soul or R&B; otherwise, recordings of sounds in nature, such as the waves or rain, make for great relaxation techniques, too.

3. Actioning the Accessories

Staycation Spa Actioning the Accessories

At this point, your spa at home should be looking, sounding, and smelling like a carefree celebrity’s private yacht out on the Caribbean seas. 

Now it’s time to gather all the accessories outlined on your checklist and give your self-care time that bespoke feel. Clad in your softest bathrobe, slippers, and best towels, this is your big step into blissful oblivion.

4. Delicious Drinks Aplenty

Stay hydrated and replenished with your top mocktails and nutrient-packed fruit juices. Another great thirst-quencher is flavoring water by infusing it with seasonal fruit and fresh herbs like raspberries, oranges, lemons, mint, or cucumber. For hot beverages, green tea is a go-to.

And if having a Cosmo or Margherita is more of a calling; well, it’s your spa day to do with as you wish!

5.  Muting the Mind

Cultivate that great Zen energy like Ghandi in a different room before entering your staycation spa. 

You can also begin by unwinding in the garden with a good book and some sun on your face. Switch off all electronics, drink some tea, and relax your body and mind. Once you feel adequately pacified, move to your spa area and begin the deep chill.

6. Treatment Choosing Time

You’re calmer than a hostage negotiator, so it’s almost time to dive into your beauty blast. Begin by planning out the treatments you would like to enjoy. 

Here are our top suggestions: 

  • Apply gel nails

  • Apply a rich body cream

  • Make your own body scrub

  • Create your own at-home facial

  • Moisten dry skin with coconut oil

  • Add bath salts or bath oils to your bath

  • Massage your facial skin with a jade roller

  • Get a leave-in hair treatment; bake under a shower cap for 10–15 mins

7. Living Luxury Self-Care

You’ve done ityou’ve lived a luxurious day of pure self-care!

Once all your restorative beauty treatments are complete, a long bath or shower is the cherry on top. Take the ambiance you’ve created with you and finish your deserved day of self-indulgence with an extended, watery wallowing.

Because You’re Worth It

Staycation Because You’re Worth It

Life’s a beachyou must choose whether it’s one in icy Antarctica or off the coast of sunny South Africa. 

Don’t be stressed when you can take matters into your own hands with the endless supply of staycation ideas available. We’ve given you the key to creating a home-made spa, but there are other ways to source your ideal self-care setup. 

Practicing self-love through activities like these while at home is wholesome and sensible.

Home is, after all, where the heart is.


Written by Adam Eli Bernhardt

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