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Smith & Sinclair Wins ISM Japan Innovation Award

Their new ‘Boozy Brunch Jams’ selection saw Smith & Sinclair take home gold in one of Japan’s most prestigious confectionary competitions.

Tokyo, Japan — Smith & Sinclair, in constant pursuit of the sweet taste of victory, have once again proven their mastery of adult confectionaries. They proudly announce the receipt of the esteemed ISM Japan Innovation Award for their ground-breaking product – Boozy Brunch Jams. Underscoring Smith & Sinclair’s mission to make adulting more fun, the Boozy Brunch Jams are best described as a fusion of traditional jams and the colourful zest of cocktails.

“Our goal was to blend the pleasure of adult cocktails with the comfort of brunch flavours in a way that surprises and delights our consumers,” says Leontine Wegewijs, Owner of Smith & Sinclair. And that’s exactly what they’ve done, releasing a unique product that brightens any brunch experience and embodies the distinct flair of Smith & Sinclair.

Although not yet globally heralded, the ISM Japan Innovation Award is much-lauded within Japan. It is a significant milestone for companies looking to leave their mark on the country’s market. "Receiving this award is a fantastic honor and provides us with a perfect platform to expand our presence in Japan," Wegewijs adds.

After rigorous competition with 17 other innovative products – including a ginger turmeric gummy designed to relieve travel-associated nausea – Smith & Sinclair’s recognition at the ISM award ceremony was hard-won. This win at once indicates the quality and creativity behind the Boozy Brunch Jams range while also pointing to Smith & Sinclair’s potential to lead and expand in the worldwide confectionery industry.

Thanks to collaborations with the Dutch Sweet Export Association (DSEA), the ISM Japan & Koelnmesse, the company was also showcased at the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM), Koelnmesse. This further cements its growing legacy as one of excellence and innovation in confectionery.

Rob Schotema, Director of DSEA, shared his enthusiasm for Smith & Sinclair’s achievement: “We are very happy that Smith & Sinclair won the award. This is the first time DSEA and its members have participated in ISM Japan, and we are proud that one of our valued members presented this innovation at ISM Japan and was rewarded with this award.”

The road to developing Boozy Brunch Jams began in the summer of 2022 and was optimised after testing initial samples with visitors at ISM Cologne in April 2023. Invaluable customer feedback helped establish the final product: one where each bite delivers a cocktail-flavoured explosion.

The future looks sweeter than ever for this Dutch adult confectionary company, with plans in place to continue and build on this streak of innovation by broadening its “EAT YOUR DRINK” range. Keep your eyes peeled for new products being launched in the coming months; new taste sensations and experiences are on the way to consumers worldwide.

Smith & Sinclair dedicate the success of Boozy Brunch Jams to their entire team, expressing the necessity of collaboration in achieving this innovation. They see the award from ISM Japan not only as acknowledgment for past achievements but as inspiration for a future where they’ve helped countless adults have more fun and eat it, too.


Leontine Wegewijs

Managing Director

Smith & Sinclair

Tel: +31 (0) 294 414093 



Media Enquiries: Kadima Digital

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