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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 19 March 2019 | Modified: 20 March 2019

You got it from your mama, so now give something back to your mama to say a big, old, lovely thank you with our Mother’s Day gift ideas. Disclaimer, we may be biased with a few of these suggestions.


Ace Mother’s Day gifting with a sweet treat that’s not the usual box of choccies or bottle of wine with a beautifully designed, carefully curated box of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies instead.

Each box contains 8 edible cocktails, which are mixed like a liquid cocktail, garnished in sugar and herbs but devoured in two bites. The perfect alternative to a the more traditional bunch of Mother’s Day flowers.

We recommend The Celebration Box,  containing a super delicious selection of cocktails. Treat Mum to a box of Espresso Martini, Amaretto Sour, Mandarin Aperol Spritz and Berry Daquiri delights and let her kick back and relax for the afternoon. She deserves it right?

Shop here.


If your mum is the original Gindependant woman and partial to a gin or two, blow her mind by presenting her with a gin cocktail sherbet dipper!

The ultimate indulgence, The Gincredible Dipper is made with a zesty lemon sherbet, botanical infused lollipop complete with real flowers inside it and a boozy Elderflower and Gin gel. Realise all her dreams in one for £6. 

Shop here.

Why not team up the Dipper with another absolutely delightful Gin gift, Gin and Tonic bath bombs, so mum can literally bathe in her favourite tipple, while enjoying a sherbet dipper of her favourite dipper. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR MUM.

Shop here.

If you want to deliver a Mother’s Day brunch with a bang then why not try the Red Wine Tea.
This tea tastes and smells like an exquisite heady merlot, but with none of the booze. Pop a few teaspoons in a teapot and give Mum a taste of her favourite vino without any of the booze. From our wonderful pals over at Firebox.

Shop here.

And it doesn’t end there. If she loves nothing more than Prosecco O’clock or you want to give her a cheers on the 31st for being an absolute legend all year round then treat her to an instant prosecco cocktail party set.

The FIZZ set contains 3 tubes of instant cocktails. Like a berocca but way more fun, you pop one into a glass of FIZZ and watch it change colour and taste, transform your glass of plonk into a cocktail instantly. Each set contains a tube of Rhubarb Mimosa, Tropical Passionfruit and Elderflower Spritz – 10 tablets in each tube, allowing 30 magnificent cocktails to be made for £15 (£6 per tube on its own).

Shop here.

And for the extra touch, guaranteed to ensure you are crowned ‘Most thoughtful child’ on the 31st why not personalise your present with our limited-edition Mother’s Day stickers for £1.

Shop here.

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