Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 14 March 2019 | Modified: 14 March 2019

Introducing the latest incredible invention from confectionery wizards Smith & Sinclair, the Gincredible Dipper. Created after customers on Instagram requested it!

a Gin version of their hugely popular Prosecco Double Dipper which launched for Valentine’s Day. Smith & Sinclair are big fans of taking nostalgic classics and turning them on their head and the Dipper is no exception, as we take the childhood classic and turn it into an edible confectionery cocktail complete with booze!

The Double Dipper was a Raspberry sherbet, boozy Peach Bellini gel and 2 Prosecco lollipops for sharing. Fans asked if a Gin Dipper could also be made and the team at Smith & Sinclair got to work and voila, the Gincredible Dipper was born! Created with love by our Head of Innovation Emile Sinclair at our HQ in Bermondsey based on the team at Smith & Sinclair’s favourite Gin Spritz cocktail.

This Dipper is made with a zesty lemon sherbet, botanical and floral infused lollipop and a boozy Elderflower and Gin gel. The alcoholic gel has an ABV of 10% so provides a subtle kick to this childhood favourite.

Each beautifully designed pouch is re-sealable and contains a lollipop, sherbet and little bag of gel, simply grab the lollipop, rip open the gel pack, squeeze the gel onto the lollipop and dip into your zesty lemon sherbet before popping into your mouth, creating a delicious confectionery cocktail when the flavours collide. Simply Gincredible!

You can shop The Gincredible Dipper here.

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