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Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 22 October 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

You didn’t think we’d stop there with just the Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies? Well, Smith & Sinclair HQ have been pretty busy in the innovation department and we have created a mind-blowing way to garnish your cocktail, the Edible Fragrance.

After months of trials and testing we have created 3 Edible Fragrances designed with the seasons in mind. We wanted to change the way you garnish and enjoy your cocktail, so that’s where the Edible Fragrance steps in. Each flavour can be perfectly paired with your favourite drink: from Espresso Martinis to a warm cup of tea, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that 80% of your taste actually comes from your sense of smell, so to get the most out of your favourite tipple, our Edible Fragrance is a must have on your home cocktail bar.

Cherry Blossom & Mandarin Edible Fragrance

This scent has been mixed just like a real fragrance with handpicked fruit inside, the oils from the Mandarin and the freshness of the cherry blossom will enhance the flavour of your drink up to 80%. Spritz over your gin based cocktail to add a fruity element. It can also be worn on the skin like a traditional fragrance. Our Innovation Director, Emile Sinclair recommends that you spritz 4-5 times to add a touch of elegance to your drink.

Watermelon & Citrus Edible Fragrance

Want to propel yourself back to the summer nights? Then our Watermelon & Citrus Edible Fragrance will do just that, blended just like a real fragrance they are edible and can be used to garnish anything, including yourself or a ‘friend’ as it can be worn on the skin. This flavour is the perfect accompaniment to a fruity cocktail like a Cosmopolitan, or why not add a layer of complexity to your glass of Prosecco or fresh cloudy lemonade.

Pear & Vanilla Edible Fragrance

This is the Autumn warmer you’ve been waiting for, our Pear & Vanilla Edible Fragrance. Spritz this flavour over a warming brandy or an Espresso Martini to enhance the flavour by up to 80%. Fancy a cup of tea? Garnish your black tea with this Edible Fragrance to provide an instant elegant twist. It can also be worn on the skin like a traditional fragrance, so you can have it licked off.

Want to get your hands on our Edible Fragrance? Head over to our shop to discover our full range of cocktail confections. We have been busy created cocktail recipe videos for you to learn more about our Edible Fragrance and how to use them, if you fancy trying out our Pear & Vanilla Edible Fragrance - try out our Spicy Pear Sour Cocktail Recipe.

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