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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

If you’re a born entertainer or a lover of vibrant flavours, why not set up a customised cocktail bar in the comfort of your own home? Impress and entertain your friends, family or dinner party guests with a fully stocked home bar to show off your shaky shaky face or treat yourself to a perfectly mixed concoction whenever you feel like it.

Let’s take a moment to think about what cocktails we love and swear by. Whether it’s the traditional favourites or the elaborate colourful creations, we have given you the go-to shopping list to stock up the perfect home bar. We understand that you may want to save a few pennies or even splash the cash, so here is a mixologist’s money-saving and cash-flowing home bar essentials. Get ready to give your best cocktail shaking moves and be crowned a self-confessed cocktail connoisseur.



  1. Vodka – the spirit animal

This clear, clean-cut, pure spirit is the number 1 bar essential. It is used in a wide variety of cocktails across the world and is home to some of the favourites. Create a classic Cosmopolitan or have a go at the Smith & Sinclair Vodka Cocktail – ruffle some feathers and get experimental. A standard go-to vodka would be the Smirnoff Red Label Vodka (£18.50, 1L.) or if you want to add hint of fruity flavour why not mix up a cocktail filled with ripe tropical fruits with Absolut Mango (£15.00, 70cl).

  1. Gin – a rising star

The world is going gin crazy and we know exactly why, it’s bloody lovely, that’s why! This versatile spirit is in popular demand and a necessity when becoming a cocktail connoisseur. Get your shaky shaky face on and mix up a cheap and cheerful Smith & Sinclair Summer Cocktailwith Aldi’s award winning Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin (£14.19, 1L). If you prefer the luxe behind the booze, then bless your homemade bar to a bottle of City of London Distillery No.1 Dry Gin. (£35.00, 70cl)

  1. Rum – a splash of exotic

Rum plays a very important part in our lives when creating our Berry Daquiri and Spiced Rum Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, so it should play an important part in your cocktail creating journey. Place a light and dark rum in your bar to transport your guests to a boozy tropical island and create the ultimate beach cocktail. A light rum like Bacardi Carta Blanca (£19.50, 1L), is a fundamental asset to your bar when whipping up a fresh Mojito – just like the one over on our Rum Recipe page (link to recipe).  Thrill your party-goers or treat yourself to an elegant amber rum with a semi-sweet taste of Flor de Caña (£45.00, 70cl),this would be your perfect premium match.

  1. Tequila

There are two types of bartenders in this world: “did someone say tequila shots?” and the “who fancies a fresh margarita?”. Whether you enjoy the satisfying tartness of the classic Margarita or a pinch of salt, slice of lime and a hefty tequila shot tickles your fancy, this zingy and refreshing spirit is a must when bringing Mexico to your living room. Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila (£56.03, 70cl) has been voted the best all-round spirit, so go get your hands on a bottle or 2.

  1. Whiskey

A rye whiskey is a traditional all-rounder to help you explore the avenues of the whiskey cocktail. Create a tradition Manhattan Cocktail with Woodford Reserve (£24.00, 70cl) or purchase a bourbon whiskey to be proudly placed on the bar shelf. 



  • Amaretto Liqueur- the popular but easy-peasy Amaretto sours is an all-time favourite. Have this statement piece at hand to create a simple but tasty cocktail.

  • Coffee Liqueur – pair with a premium vodka and a shot of espresso to wake up and excite your taste buds with the classic Espresso Martini. Dead simple and deadly delicious, pair with our Mocha Espresso Martini Edible Cocktail Gummies in our After-Dinner Selectionto wow your guests once the banquet is over.

  • Orange Liqueur – an essential favourite, used in tens of cocktails to bring that zesty zing. Why not shake up a showstopper with an Appletini – a tart martini perfect for all the party guests.


Essential mixers

In order to be the master of the cocktail making scene, the obvious and all-important component of a home bar are the essential mixers. We can’t have a straight alcoholic cocktail… or can we? All jokes a side, however strong or weak you like your drink, these are the essential mixers to have by your side:

  • Fresh lemon & lime to bring the zing out.

  • Orange juice, a fresh bottle of vitamin C, the goodness is needed in a lot of cocktails to top of your fantastic creation.

  • Pineapple juice to bring the exotic fruits to your taste buds.

  • A range of tonics to create the perfect G&T.

  • Ginger Ale is so important and often overlooked.

  • A range of sodas such as lemonade and coke to fizz the pallet into action.

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