Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 26 October 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

We know the winter nights are in full-swing, but we wanted to propel you back into the warmth of Summer. Our Watermelon & Citrus Edible Fragrance was inspired by the summer season, and what better way to enjoy it than to use it as a garnish on the classic vodka Cosmopolitan cocktail?Our Edible Fragrance changes the world of garnishing, no need for a lemon wedge – this flavour will add a layer of complexity to any fruity cocktail. Did you know that 80% of your taste comes from your sense of smell? Our Watermelon & Citrus flavour is blended just like a tradition perfume and will add a mind-blowing burst of flavour to our Cosmopolitan.

Ingredients/Measurements per serve

Lemon Vodka/Vodka Citron 35mlOrange Liqueur 25mlFresh Lime Juice 15mlCranberry Juice 10ml

Finishing Touches

Watermelon & Citrus Edible Fragrance


  • Chill your Martini Glass with ice so the cocktail keeps ice cold. Leave this aside.
  • Fill up your cocktail shaker with all main ingredients.
  • Top up with Ice
  • Seal the shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds, you will know when it is ready when the side of the shaker freezes up and creates a mist.
  • Double strain the cocktail into the chilled glass, you want to get rid of the small shards of ice so you can enjoy a smooth cocktail.
  • Garnish with 4/5 sprays of Watermelon & Citrus Edible Fragrance onto the nose of your drink.
  • Sip away & enjoy!

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