'Raspberry Gold' Just Add Sparkle

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Just Add Sparkle Raspberry Gold are the edible glitters for drinks!

With edible glitters for drinks, you can complete your beverage in style. Glitters make everything more fun, including serving drinks! Simply add a sachet of our edible glitters to your drink, and you'll have a party in your glass in no time. If you enjoy taking your drinks to the next level, order Just Add Sparkle Raspberry Gold today!


Make every drink look amazing with these edible glitters!

These edible glitters for drinks not only look incredibly fun but also taste delicious. The glitters add a delightful raspberry-like flavor to your bubbly drink. Whether you're enjoying champagne, cocktails, or a good glass of wine, our edible glitters for drinks will not only enhance the appearance but also the taste of every beverage.

While some say "less is more," that certainly doesn't apply to our edible glitters. The more edible glitters you add to a drink, the more impressive it looks! However, for a single glass of bubbles, one sachet of glitters is sufficient. If you're decorating a cocktail or another beverage in a longdrink glass with the glitters, using 2 sachets will yield the best result.


Order Just Add Sparkle Raspberry Gold today!

These edible glitters for drinks instantly elevate the appearance and flavor of any beverage. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to use. Open a sachet and pour the glitters into a glass of your drink. Optionally, stir with a stirrer to mix the glitters, and you're ready to go! If you're craving more sparkle in your life, order Just Add Sparkle Raspberry Gold today!