'The Gold Edit' Just Add Sparkle

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Introducing our brand new Just Add Sparkle... The Gold Edit.

An edible glitter that you pour directly into your drink, changing the colour and flavour and leaving a breathtaking, Instagram-worthy shimmer. Night in with the gals? Sorted.

Each box contains 20 sachets and three decadent flavours:

Raspberry Rose Gold - Creating a pink shimmer with a touch of Raspberry. Perfectly paired with Prosecco or a Raspberry Collins.

Blood Orange - Creating a lustful deep red shimmer with a touch of zesty orange. Perfectly paired with any citrusy cocktail i.e. Margarita or Cosmopolitan.

Flavourless Gold - Pair with a French 75 or a Gin & Tonic for a pop of colour and fabulousness. 

All natural flavours, it's the perfect way to add some oomph to your drink.