Thrilling Mother's Day Ideas: From Flash Mobs to Skydiving

Thrilling Mother's Day Ideas From Flash Mobs to Skydiving

- Written by Adam Eli Bernhardt

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

She brought you into this world and if you give her another mug for Mother’s Day this year, she’ll likely take you out of it. 

With this special day for our leading ladies fast approaching (in some parts of the world, that is), we know you yearn to be the golden child you are and give your dear Mum a gift that will have her beaming with glee. Should you wish to be adequately gilded – knocking your siblings down a peg or two in the Book of Favorites – then you need to understand what Mum wants. 

To inspire you with creative ways to celebrate your mom, we’ll briefly cover Mother’s Day ideas that, to put it plainly, need to be canceled for good.

Grim Gifts: The Antithesis of Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

What Mum really doesn’t want is a glib gift that’ll either anesthetize her with sheer boredom or worse, offend her. To give you an inkling of what these might look like, we’ve put a little list of shabby Mother’s Day ideas together for you below:

  1. A new pet
  2. Wrinkle cream
  3. Cleaning equipment 
  4. Diet or fitness products
  5. Candles, money, clothes, or perfume

Bequeathing any of these to your birth-maker will likely result in a dry cough, crickets in the background, and a smile so labored it’ll leave you wondering if she’s auditioning for the remake of Apocalypse Now. 

Luckily for you, dear readers and children of mothers, we’re putting together another, more comprehensive list of unconventional Mother’s Day activities. Don’t make it another mundane (or should we say - mum-dane) occasion that leaves your leading lady feeling less spoiled than Oliver Twist – it’s time to turn it up!

Exciting Mother’s Day Experiences – Up, Up, and Away!

“Over the years I have learned that motherhood is much like an austere religious order, the joining of which obligates one to relinquish all claims to personal possessions.”
– Nancy Stahl

5 Adventure-Filled Mother’s Day Ideas 

1. The Indoor Skydive

Mother's Day Idea The Indoor Skydive

This is one of those Mother’s Day ideas that capture the overwhelming love and gratitude we have for them: what better way to show Mum you love her than lifting her to the sky (or, in this case, roof)? 

Not quite as bloodcurdling as actual skydiving, these are still the kinds of activities with Mum that will leave a lasting impression. She’ll also appreciate the foresight in giving her all the thrills without the abject terror of hurling herself out of an airplane. Watch as she soars in a vertical wind tunnel filled with powerful airflow generated by fans. 

She’ll be freefalling right into your arms after this!

2. The Shooting Range

Mother's Day Idea The Shooting Range

If you’ve got a rootin’ tootin’ Mama bear, there are few creative ways to celebrate mom that beat this. Generally, not a terribly expensive affair, the Shooting Range is a fantastic Mother’s Day idea as it’s not only thrilling but hugely cathartic – being a Mum is not easy work after all.

Give your Mum this space to vent out her frustrations accumulated over years of raising you, your siblings, and her partner, and let her shoot one bullet for every grey hair you’ve given her. 

Just don’t end up in a stand-off!

3. The Flash Mob

Mother's Day Idea The Flash Mob

One of the most exciting Mother’s Day experiences we can think of, we like to call this the MOTHERLOVE FLASH MOB – a space of strangers all dancing in sync where Mum can truly let her hair down and become motherless!

When it comes to thrilling Mother’s Day ideas, you don’t want to cause cardiac arrest (we hope), and a flash mob is a passionate, beautiful solution to this. Take Mum somewhere she loves and watch as her eyes light up and her hips get a-wiggling as your assembled dance crew of unknowns surrounds her with a physical ode to her awesomeness.

Oh yes, Mum, we have come to be danced.

4. The Shark Cage Dive

Mother's Day Idea The Shark Cage Dive

Yes – another of our top-most exhilarating Mother’s Day ideas is a dive. But this time, it’s into the depths of the big, blue sea… Da-dum, da-dum – da-dumda-dum-da-dum.

As far as far-out activities with Mom go, this is right up there. But if your mom is a nature-lover, an ocean baby, or is up for trying new things that come with creatures bearing many sets of jagged teeth, this gift will not be forgotten anytime soon. Shark cage diving will give Mum a chance to see these fierce, fantastic predators up close and could even work in your favor by making her see how tame your antics are in comparison.

And just in case you’re getting any clever ideas; no, your Mum can’t do this activity without the cage.

5. The Escape Room

Mother's Day Idea The Escape Room

Another of our favorite gift ideas for Mom, this one is particularly perfect for those who have mothers who love riddles and puzzles. Put your mother’s knowledge and life experience to the test and let her be locked away in a room without a view.

There are a variety of escape rooms (real life and virtual, too), and you can choose whether Mum joins a group, you go together as a family, or she goes at it alone.  She’ll remember this as one of her more exciting Mother’s Day experiences – provided she manages to escape.

Worst-case scenario: Mum enjoys some peace and quiet away from all of you!


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