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Spice It Up – Delectable Date Night Ideas for Sizzling Lovers


Because “dinner and a movie” simply won’t cut the mustard for date night ideas as time goes on.

It’s true – woe betide those who believe this to be a plausible solution to the inexorable maintenance that love requires. For those yet to experience the magic and misery of the heart’s greatest feat, falling in love is a kinetic motion: once falling, you can’t stop because when the fall becomes static, so does the love. 

But don’t mistake this for a freefall; it’s probably the most technical descent of our lives. As air, space, and time race against us, we must keep the memory of why we took the plunge in the first place bright. 

Think about that first meeting, the flurried exchanges between eyes that say more than mouths ever could. That first conversation where you said everything you wish you hadn’t and then said it all again the next time you spoke. The perfect date night just being together, as close as praying hands. When skin first meets skin, the universe spins dizzily. 

Aye, falling in love is beautiful, but the honeymoon period, like all good things, must also come to an end. 

By no means should this mark the death of something beautiful and shared when all that’s required is a bit of work and some inspiration for creative date night ideas. Here are a few tips for languishing lovers to get falling again. 

There’s no spark without friction, so: are you ready to get kinetic?

Romantic Date Night Ideas for the Lovelorn

You once had a burning love for each other; a seemingly limitless passion and zest. 

These days, you see yourself and your partner more and more as passing ships in the night. Although you may feel cast out and lost at sea, countless couples are experiencing the same dying flame when it comes to matters of the heart.

Romance isn’t dead, but your date night ideas are.

After being together for years, you’ll naturally grow accustomed, complacent, bored, and eventually resentful of the same old rice-cracker dry activities on repeat. These feelings, if unattended, will manifest in your perception of one another. You’ll think your partner is boring or they’ll think you’re boring; regardless of who’s at fault, you can only stir it up together. 

The best date night ideas are ones created from compromise and mutual respect. You pulled out all the stops in the beginning – remember renting out that ice rink so you and your partner could slow dance to your favourite songs together, alone on the smooth ice well into the night? Yes? Then what has led you to think that lunch and footy at your local watering hole is an acceptable standard for dropping your other half’s undies? 

It’s time to pull up your socks and put in the necessary effort, reminding yourself and your partner that you were once both half-blind because you were the apple of each other’s eyes.

Creative Date Night Ideas for the Adventurous

Creative Date Night Ideas for the Adventurous

Quality Time

  • Try a new activity together:
    One of the simplest, most effective ways to restoke appreciation for your talented, fearless partner is to go and try new activities together. There is no shortage of date night ideas on this front, from steamy dance and boxing classes to poetry and book clubs

  • Recreate your first and favorite dates:
    They worked wonders before and were date night ideas that you had at your most inspired, so why not recycle them – with a twist if you like? This is one of those romantic date night ideas that’ll remind you of the timelessness of your love and why you felt this way in the first place.

  • Live young, wild, and free:
    Go out together and have a blast.
    Party like it’s Woodstock, 1969, and you’re two svelte teenagers with nothing to lose. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded (or remind ourselves) that we’ve still got it. There’s also something to be said about being out with the throngs and watching your partner get eyeballed and talked up that gets the ol’ loins firing!


  • Get it on somewhere new:
    Physical intimacy typically plays an enormous role in keeping the flames of love alive and licking the sky. Often, with time, inspiration and desire dwindle, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Try something risque like having sex in a public space (nature is generally the most romantic and least illegal route for this) or meet in a hotel room during your lunch break at work.

  • Crack out your inner kinks:
    A firm favourite among creative date night ideas is exploring your sexuality along with your partner. There are many avenues for this kind of search, from sex shops and erotic storytelling events to attending sex shows or visiting strip clubs together. The kink world is your oyster.

  • Reimagine yourselves with roleplay:
    When you’re really sick and tired of your partner, you can always pretend they’re someone else. Kidding! But seriously, roleplay is a great way to add some much-needed spice to your relationship by giving each other the chance to break your molds and see each other in a new light. Meet up at a new bar downtown and pretend you’re Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Where the Heart Is: At-Home Date Night Ideas

Where the Heart Is: At-Home Date Night Ideas

It’s where you likely spend most of your time along with your lover and there are an endless ream of date night ideas with which you can inject the sexiness back into your partnership. 

  1. Take a steamy, candlelit bubble bath together.

  2. Give each other sensual massages with happy endings.

  3. Play dirty games: strip poker or risqué truth or dare work well.

  4. Watch erotic films together while wearing erotic lingerie (or nothing at all).

  5. Get artsy: body painting is a great way to appreciate each other’s physiques. 


Elite Sweet Treats for Date Night

No matter which of the above options appeal most to you, they can all be given an extra bit of mouth-watering oomph when you add Smith & Sinclair’s alcohol-infused cocktail gummies to the mix. 

This brand of adult confectionary lives by its motto of “Making Adulting Fun Again,” and this extends to matters of aged hearts. While preparing to revive your love, get your hands on these sweet treats for date night that’ll leave you and your partner with the best taste in your mouth when all has been said and done, and you’re spent.


Date Night Ideas that Bring Love Back from the Dead

Date Night Ideas that Bring Love Back from the Dead

Just like everything else in life, the perfect date night doesn’t exist and you’re setting yourself up for failure if that’s what you’re after.

Beautiful, enchanting times still await you and your flame, but it’s about being willing to put in the work and remaining open to new date night ideas – out with old, in with the new – to seriously get your sizzle back. 

While nothing is perfect, Smith & Sinclair’s sexy sweets for adults come pretty close,  so suck on one while you concoct the surest path to your lover’s biological clock. 

For there is nothing sweeter than falling in love and by tending to it properly you can ensure that it’s a feeling that lasts forever.

— Written by Adam Eli Bernhardt

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