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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 08 July 2019 | Modified: 10 July 2019

We are so proud (rollin’ in the river, kind of proud) to announce that we teamed up with British Airways to create a Pride-themed multi-sensorial wall at Heathrow.

Located in Terminal 5’s departures, it was enormous, it was interactive and it was pretty colourful.

Say hello to our Pride Wall!

How it worked? You’d push the buttons (Remember those Sugababes? Phew, what a throwback) and get close to inhale a series of scents that evoked a summery celebration of Pride. Wig gone.

The activation ran for two weeks, launching on the 24thJune and ending on the 6thof July.

The best part? On Pride Weekend we had Billy Porter, the KING of camp (I mean, we’re basing this off The Met Gala) pop by and POSE (see what we did there?) in front of the wall.


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