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Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 07 March 2019 | Modified: 07 March 2019

To celebrate International Women's Day, we've decided to turn it into a week full of celebrating women we admire and who we think are really making a difference. Every day this week, we're going to be bringing you one powerhouse a day.

In the sixth segment of this series, we got to interview Megan Morass, co-founder of Full Fat, a PR agency bringing you insight into some of the world's most exclusive experiences.


In your own words, tell us what you do?

I run a creative communications agency called Full Fat, and we create noise/press/news for cultural experiences across the UK and Europe. We work on everything from music festivals to immersive dining experiences to media platforms to vodka! My day-to-day role is to make sure our business of 20 + people works, and we have clients to work on, that means lots of networking and lots of meeting people! 


What inspired you to start Full Fat?

The company I was employed by started making lots of redundancies and the country was in the middle of a recession, the best option seemed to be to start out with a friend and colleague of mine at the time! We set up in our bedroom with one client and we were off. Since then, we've created an agency which we would have loved to have worked for; inclusive, creative, fun and passionate. PR sometimes gets a bad rep, we're here to change that. 


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting Full Fat?

Dealing with the continuous ups and downs, when you run a business no day is an 'easy day'. One minute you think, "hey I've done a good job at this great" then you get one email and all that positive energy has to be piled in to fix a major problem. Basically, it's not easy, but as long as you approach each problem as an opportunity, it generally works out. 


What’s your best advice for girls wanting to start a business now?

Make sure you surround yourself with people you trust. If your gut is saying, "I'm not quite sure about this person", then it's right. 

Also, just do it, if you don't do it - someone else will. 


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep going. Anyone can have a good idea, not everyone has the stamina to keep going. 


We hear you’re on a podcast, tell us where we can find you and what that’s about?

Yes! Please do go and listen, its called Slice and you can find it here. Each week I and co-host Tara Starlet choose a topic to help motivate. Its 20-30 mins of motivational chats which will leave you feeling lifted :) I hope you enjoy it! 

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