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How to nail your Christmas party this year.




Don’t Be A Party Pooper


The lead up to Christmas means one thing, it’s party time again! And again. And again. And again. In fact, November to December can feel like one long party, filled with the same drinks and the same, tiresome format. Drinks reception followed by a three-course meal, cheesy DJ, light up dance floor, warm prosecco and then a long taxi home – sound familiar?


We don’t like party poopers like this. What’s the point in being adult if you can’t throw your hat/handbag on the floor occasionally, join the conga, laugh and have a glass of something fabulous in your hand?


That’s why at Smith & Sinclair we make it our mission to make adult (nay Christmas!) more fun, delivered through indulgent alcohol and confectionery fusions & multi-sensorial events which deliciously delight the senses. So, read on and find out what we have in store for you…


It’s time to be-GIN


First Heston now you, nothing says ‘experience’ better than enjoying a fancy bit of deconstruction. This is the perfect ice breaker and conversation starter for any occasion. Plus, it will make your event one to remember amongst myriad other parties. Our signature experience is based on a classic Gin & Tonic, which we’ve broken down into three fabulous elements.


  1. Eat the botanicals - in powdered form
  2. Drink the spirit - a fortified liquid fizzed on a spoon
  3. Breathe the garnish - a choice of edible perfumes


G&T doesn’t do it for you? Perhaps you have a favourite cocktail or even a savoury/sweet dish? Our innovation team are ready and waiting to take the challenge on and create something bespoke for you.


It ‘aint no sin to eat gin.


Take their breath away….


Ever wondered what it would be like to inhale your drink? Our bespoke Vapour Orbs provide an inhalable mist which can be delivered as a cocktail (with alcohol), a sweet or savoury food, a ‘emotive’ scent or even a season. It also provides a genuinely breath-taking moment to share with friends and even further afield on social media.


  • Previous flavours include; Mojito, Porn Star Martini and the scent of Christmas
  • Our LED Vapour Plinths can be branded with either your logo or an entire wrap along with choice of LED colour


From office parties and brand launches to weddings and family get togethers – the options and odours are endless.


Mutton dressed as lamb? Prosecco into Pornstar?


Our Garnish Bar is a unique addition to any bar or reception and allows guests to decorate their cocktail with an interactive and extraordinary menu of garnishes - lollipops, Edible Fragrances, FIZZ, spherification balls, flavour infusing oils & Edible Flavoured Glitter Dust to name but a few.


We can provide it with or without the physical bar and devise the menu for you and the experience is fully mobile meaning it can be delivered to any location from in-store, offices & private hire venues. Better still, this means you can do away with expensive bar staff and let your guests’ minds run wild. 


Guys, it’s time to accessorise…


Sometimes the oldies are the best


Sherbet Dippers – a childhood favourite we’ve reworked and brought back into the adult world. You can thank us later.


Our free-standing Sherbet Dispenser can house up to four flavours of your choice and we can create pretty much any flavour you like, from classics such as strawberry and sour lemon to something more unique or seasonal such as roast turkey or mince pies.


  • Our Sherbet Wall base can be branded with either your logo or an entire wrap
  • Guests can customise their own test tubes or bag of sherbet to taste & take-away with them
  • Alongside our Sherbet Wall, you can add lollipops & pre-sealed alcoholic gels to add a twist to the classic Dipper.


Our signature experiences bring a moment to life, no matter what or who the event is for. Interested? Give us a call or email now and help us bring something different to the party. And if the above doesn’t convince you then challenge us to bring it. We are no party poopers. We are the party starters, enhancers and finishers all in one.


Prices start at circa £500.00 + VAT but we can create discounted package prices if you wish to combine three or more experiences.


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