Creative: Targeting a 25-35 yr old demographic whilst showing Lanique as a spirit with a point of difference. To educate on the ‘rose’ flavouring of the spirit and versatility of the liquid in cocktails.

Execution: For Xmas 2018 Smith & Sinclair ran a 6 week ‘Flavour Gallery’ ticketed experience in which Lanique was our spirit partner. Within the gallery, we designed and built a sensory deprivation ‘cube’ where guests would be taken on a 360 sensory journey. We enlisted the help of an ASMR specialist to design a soundscape taking guests on a ‘journey of Lanique’ from walking through grass - party - dinner - the sound of tasting the cocktail’ whilst blindfolded guests walked around the cube, feeling the walls which mapped out the journey in line with the soundscape and a smell which was released of rose & lime (the signature cocktail of Lanique). Additionally, we designed a full cocktail menu which ran throughout the 6 week event.
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