Introducing Flaming Hot Choc: The World's First Edible Candle

2018's Christmas Must Have - a flavoured festive candle, that's edible!

Introducing Flaming Hot Choc: The World's First Edible Candle
Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 13 December 2018 | Modified: 13 December 2018



TODAY Online:

"A truly head turning snack! This edible candle can be poured into hot beverages to give it a holiday edge."


Yahoo! Lifestyle:

“It seems worth it to be able to freak your friends and family out when you start eating candle wax in front of them.”


Cosmopolitan UK:

“The Edible Candle gives off a festive aroma perfect for winter, and unlike other candles, tastes as good as it smells.”


The Daily Meal:

“They sound like an awesome gift idea for the people you should be buying a gift for, but aren’t.”


Heat World:

“Meet the world’s first festive Edible Wax Candle, which is a TOTAL game-changer”


It’s our mission to make adult life more fun. So, our Innovation Director, Emile wanted to switch up the festive period and make one of the most popular Christmas gifts edible. That’s right the world’s first Edible ‘wax’ Candle. Fill the room with festive aromas and transform your ordinary hot chocolate with delicious flavours of Spiced Orange or Peppermint.


After experimenting with a whole range of flavours, Emile made a mixture of coconut oil and raw cocoa butter to make the weird and wonderful possible. Spiced Orange has a sweet tone of cinnamon, mandarin and cloves and the candy cane Peppermint is just delightful.


Step 1:


Light your candle and enjoy the delicious festive aromas. Wait for the wax to melt.


edible candle 1


Step 2:


Make a cup of luxurious hot chocolate and add 2 teaspoons of wax into the mug. Stir until the wax is infused.


Edible Candle step 2



Step 3:


Sit back, relax and enjoy your festive Flaming Hot Chocolate.


Edible Candle 3


The Flaming Hot Choc Edible Candle is exclusively available on our website but limited stock available… so be quick!