'The Gold Edit' Just Add Sparkle

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Just Add Sparkle Gold Edit: a box full of edible gold glitters!

The Just Add Sparkle Gold Edit offers the most beautiful edible gold glitters for your drinks. With these stunning gold glitters, you can elevate every beverage to the next level. From bubbles to cocktails, and from non-alcoholic drinks to spirits: just add a little bit of sparkle, and the enjoyment can begin!


3 types of edible gold edit glitters!

For those who can't decide which glitter suits your favorite cocktail best, the Gold Edit box has the solution. In this box, you'll find three different types of edible gold glitters:

  • Raspberry Gold
  • Blood Orange Gold
  • And Gold

We've added flavor aromas to all our edible gold glitters. This means the glitters not only makes your drinks look more fun but also tastes better. That's a win-win!


A glass full of glitter in an instant!

With the Just Add Sparkle Gold Edit, you have everything you need to effortlessly create a fantastic-looking drink. Our edible glitters are conveniently packaged in sachets, with just the right amount of content to add instant sparkles to your drink. All you need to do is add the contents of a sachet to your prosecco or cocktail, and you're ready to go. If you want your drink to be even more sparkling or want the glitters to be visible in a long drink glass, use 2 sachets.


Just add sparkles!

Everyone can use a bit more sparkle in their life. Whether you're serving drinks at a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a cozy evening at home with friends: just add sparkles and enjoy. With our edible gold glitters, you make the experience of drinking a delicious beverage even more delightful! Order your Just Add Sparkle Gold Edit today!


Contains E129*
*may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children