The Night In Selection

The Night in Selection


Night’s out are a thing of the past. Netflix & Chill with our Night-In Selection. Curated to accompany an evening of board games and movies, we’re here to show you a good time. Each box contains 8 gummies, with 4 different cocktails to choose from.  

Blended like a liquid cocktail, consumed in two bites. Each gummy is expertly mixed with fresh fruit, herbs, premium spirits and syrups and coated with garnish infused sugars and hold a subtle kick at 7% ABV (equivalent of ½ shot of alcohol). 100% Vegan.

The Night-In Selection:

2 x Berry Daiquiri with Mixed Pepper Sugar
2 x Gin and Tonic with Lemon Sugar
2 x Mocha Espresso Martini with Coffee Sugar
2 x Mandarin Aperol Spritz with Orange Sugar

We cannot sell this item to anybody under the age of 18.

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