Rhubarb Mimosa Cocktail F.I.Z.Z.

Rhubarb Mimosa


Instant wow factor with instant cocktails. Our Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. is an effervescent tablet for your drink. Simply Drop, Fizz, Drink with this delicious party starter, that changes the colour and flavour of your drink instantly transforming it into a cocktail.

We recommend pairing the Rhubarb Mimosa with a glass of champagne to give it a beautiful pink hue  and an ever so slightly sweet kick, equally delicious when dropped into a non-alcoholic drink of choice.

Designed to dissolve completely into your drink. Desiccant grains are enclosed in the cap to keep the Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. dry.

Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. is non-alcoholic. F.I.Z.Z. responsibly. 1 tablet per drink. 10 tablets per tube. 100% vegan.

"A clever twist on the instant cocktail concept." - The Gay Times

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