Peach Bellini Sherbet Cocktail Double Dipper


This is the ultimate party ice breaker. A Prosecco cocktail sherbet dipper with two lollipops, so perfect for sharing but definitely not required.

Made with a two Prosecco lollipops, raspberry sherbet and a boozy Peach Bellini gel containing 10% alcohol it’s a classic twist on the childhood favourite and is guaranteed to get your guests talking as they indulge in a Prosecco cocktail with a twist.

Buy 10 for £59 in this party set. Saving £11. (Double Dippers retail for £7 individually).




  • 10% Alcohol
  • Two Prosecco lollipops
  • Vegan

The perfect cocktail addition to any party.

Made for sharing, but we don't judge.

These Double Dippers are the perfect way to get your guests to engage with each other at your parties.

The perfect addition...

Why not add our range of award-winning 42s Selection of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies to the mix? Made with 7% alcohol, they're the perfect topper for any occasion. They're vegan, too.

How to use it

Squeeze a drop of the boozy Peach Bellini gel onto the lollipop, dip into the sherbet and enjoy.

Nutritional info

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  • Makes the perfect addition to any celebration.
  • A fun way to get people engaging.
  • Takes you back to the noughties.

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Nutritional info

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