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Edible Cocktail [ed-uh-buh l] [kok-teyl]

Edible Cocktail [ed-uh-buh l] [kok-teyl]

1. A cocktail, deconstructed into an adult 'gummy sweet', that will take you on a rollercoaster of flavour. These are alcoholic and will make you happy.

"Jenny: Why would I eat a cocktail?"

"Nicole: Why the fuck not?"

Synonyms: pleasure, indulgence, pure joy

Mixed just like a drink, our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies are made with high quality spirits, bitters and real fruit. Topped off with a tantalising garnish-infused sugar coating.

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Edible Fragrance [ed-uh-buh l] [frā-grəns]

Edible Fragrance [ed-uh-buh l] [frā-grəns]

1. A delicious aromatic alcoholic vapour in a light, non-stick formula that can be applied directly to the skin. And subsequently licked right off.

“Jenny: You smell divine, babes.”

“Nicole: You should see how great I taste…”

Synonyms: delectable, redolent, heavenly

Designed to stimulate the senses and enhance any accompanying drink’s flavour, you can pick a spritz in Pear & Vanilla, Cherry Blossom & Mandarin or Watermelon & Citrus.

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Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. [Kok-teyl] [/F.ɪ.z.z./]

Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. [Kok-teyl] [/F.ɪ.z.z./]

1. A tablet you drop into your [Prosecco / G & T / Champagne] to enhance the taste and pop the colour of your drink. Designed to make the perfect cocktail a pain-free experiences. Perfect for every Instagram millennial / host or hostess with the most-est.

 “Jenny: Girl, this cocktail changed colour faster than Bill when Hilary confronted him.”

 “Nicole: Wait! You’re kidding… the taste has completely changed, too.”

Synonyms: Sumptuous, game-changer, the nespresso of cocktails

Designed to dissolve completely into your drink. Desiccant grains are enclosed in the cap to keep the Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. dry.

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Double Dipper ['dʌb(ə)l] [/ˈdɪpə/]

Double Dipper ['dʌb(ə)l] [/ˈdɪpə/]

1. A Raspberry sherbet Dipper that comes with two Prosecco lollipops and Peach Bellini gel. Made for sharing, but not a necessity. 

"Jenny: Wanna double dip tonight?"

"Nicole: Er, sure thing..."

Synonyms: Enticing, aphrodisiac, joyful.

You choose who gets to indulge in this Peach Bellini style Cocktail Dipper with you, an adult twist on an all-time favourite. Enjoy.

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