Summer Brunch Cocktail Recipe | Smith & Sinclair

What better way to enjoy the weekend than a sipping a refreshing, fruity creation at your very own bottomless brunch. Here at Smith & Sinclair HQ we’ve been busy creating a whole variety of mixed drinks for you try out. This brunch worthy drink can be perfectly paired with a Smith & Sinclair Edible Cocktail, the Long Island ‘High Tea'. Impress your friends with this Raspberry & Peach Iced Tea and an Alcoholic Cocktail Gummie, by cup or by the jug – a summer brunch beverage created by yours truly.

Our Summer Brunch Cocktail:


Ingredients/Measurements per serve:

Peach Liqueur 35ml

Vodka 25ml

Lemon Juice 25ml

Sugar Syrup 15ml

Raspberries x6


Finishing Touches

Unsweetened Black Tea

Mint sprigs

Smith & Sinclair’s Long Island ‘High’ Tea


To Build the Cocktail:

1.     Chill your glass with ice.

2.    Splash in the vodka and peach liqueur.

3.    Dunk the raspberries in with the spirits and muddle to a purée.

4.    Add the fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup.

5.    Top up with ice and give it a shake for 10-15 seconds!

6.    Double strain the finished cocktail over ice.

7.    Top your creation up with chilled tea & stir with a straw.

8.    Garnish with mint sprigs.

9.    Serve with our Long Island ‘High Tea' & enjoy!