Malibu Kitchen


If, like me you like to pick and choose your ‘clean’ days, you’ll know that paying for healthy food can sometimes overwhelm you with a sense of resentment. My mentality is, if I’m going to pay to eat out, I want to enjoy my food. Monday to Friday the salad grind is fine by me, but Saturday to Sunday I’m ready to commit carbicide - qualm-free.

Down in the bank

That said, I can honestly say there was no hesitation handing over the plastic after my lunch at Malibu Kitchen. One of eight beautiful restaurants in the newly opened hotel and members club The Ned (co-owned by Soho House Group and former Natwest Bank Building), placed in Central London located right next to Bank station.

Gin over Ginseng

My venture came after a night of too many G&T’s which I would usually overcome with a roast dinner and a large glass of red, but on this particular day I was feeling guilt ridden and my inner detox demons were screaming to swap the Gin for a ginseng infused smoothie, or juice, or… whatever.

Bye Bye Hangover

We took our seats which were placed right next to an open kitchen where chefs freshly prepared our food in front of us. I went with my Boyfriend who eats just as much me so naturally we ordered enough food for four people instead of two. To start, we went for fresh avocado with a crudité selection. Almost instantly I could feel my hangover slipping away as the nutrients outweighed the alcohol, in no time I felt like an LA Blogger after a yoga and spin class.

Food glorious Food!

We then shared a peanut and coconut salad, fresh fish tacos, tuna ceviche and squid with plantain chips (can you tell we were peckish?). Just to reiterate that I would usually find ordering a salad in a restaurant somewhat offensive, but I would genuinely recommend Malibu Kitchen, the food was very fresh and delicious! The setting was beautiful, lots of marble and plantation with an open view of the bar and kitchen.

Top tip
: if you’re looking for a more intimate dinner or lunch be sure to book a booth, otherwise you’ll be sat on the long bench with strangers!

Stay true to yourself
P.S, within two hours we were back on the sofa with a Voodoo Rays large pizza and mac and cheese on the way #balanceiskey