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Amaretto Sours Cocktail Recipe

Happy National Whisky Sours Day to all your whisky lovers! To celebrate, Emile has whipped up a hybrid of the beloved cocktail and added a sweet twist to the mix, Amaretto. This smooth and indulgent cocktail will help you discover the wonders of whisky and the extraordinary taste that it has. To find out more about whisky and how it is made, head over to our All About Whisky blog post to impress your friends with a fountain of knowledge.

Amaretto Sours Cocktail



Ingredients/Measurements per serve

Amaretto 35ml

Bourbon 15ml

Lime Juice 25ml

Sugar Syrup 15ml

Egg white


Finishing Touches



To Build your Cocktail 

1.    Top your glass with a hand full of ice.

2.    Crack 1 egg white into your shaker to create the smooth texture of the cocktail

3.    Add in the Amaretto, Bourbon, lime juice and sugar syrup, top up the shaker with ice.

4.   Seal and give it a good shake like a professional for 15 seconds.

5.    Strain your lovely creation into the glass.

6.   Garnish with a cherry and enjoy!