Gin Experience

Our deconstructed Gin and Tonic is like nothing you will have tried before.

We have altered the molecular structure of the classic drink to produce a multi-textured taste sensation.

This is a three step process:

  • Firstly, macerated botanicals in the form of a white powder, which includes core botanicals used in Gin, are powered onto a spoon;
  • Then an alcoholic tincture is dropped onto the powder (spoon) making it fizz away and dissolve. This creates a beautifully theatrical infusion for your cocktail;
  • The choice is then given between three edible perfumes: Cucumber, Rose and Orange Blossom. The perfume is spritzed in the air as the contents of the spoon is eaten – the taste is enhanced and altered by the perfume which makes up 70% of our taste.

The flavours combine in the mouth to form an edible gin and tonic with the garnish of your choice.

Provided on a roaming tray with a staff member who will talk each consumer through the experience.

Alternative bespoke options are available.

Previous Experiences include:

  • The Christmas Experience
  • Forest Experience
  • Seaside Experience
  • Summer Experience

‍Non alcoholic flavour pairings are available.


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