Want to experience a bespoke creation that's been made just for you? We can make that happen. From brand ambassador and press kits to new product development and custom experiences for your activations, we can create these for you with your end goal at the heart of everything.

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Smith & Sinclair Delivered:

  • Edible Bubbles to great people on arrival in a Strawberry Milkshake flavour.
  • A 22 tube, 6 foot tall, sherbet wall installation with 11 bespoke savour Sherbet flavours including Red Thai Curry, Tzatziki, Hawaiian Pizza & Blue Cheese with test tubes for guests to fill & take home with them.

  • Inhalable canapés in the form of sweet & sour chicken & a melt in the middle chocolate dessert.

  • A bespoke cocktail menu including a colour changing & flaming cinnamon stick cocktail.


  • 2 page Evening Standard story for the Just Eat re-launch & savour Sherbet flavours.

  • Press coverage with the sherbet wall background including;  The Metro, The Sun, GQ magazine & Daily Star.

  • A secondary PR event with a trick or treat Sherbet package.

Smith & Sinclair Delivered:

  • Four cocktails / freak shakes using – Pigs in Blankets, Cranberry & Brussel Spouts, Mince Pie & Stuffing & Turkey Crackling.

  • Each drink was garnished in a unique yet consumable way to enable the nations favourite flavours to be incorporated in a beverage.

  • Assistance at the photoshoot.



  • A feature on Diageo's website, which you can find here.

  • Shared recipes for the public to encourage them to make these at home themselves.

  • Secured a feature on Sunday Brunch.


Smith & Sinclair Delivered:

  • A deconstructed hero cocktail which was served in three stages:
  1. A sharp lime with Douglas Fir (pine) powder.

  2. The Zubrowka Bison Grass served in a tincture which is added to the powder.

  3. Garnished with a Crisp Apple Edible Fragrance.
  • To enhance the experience an element of sensory deprivation was added in the form of a blindfold along with a soundscape of a forest to transport guests to the Zubrowka way of life.


  • The experience was a huge success & resulted in high attendance from festival goers.

  • Allowed guests to experience the brands world in a sensorial manor.