The Sherbet Wall

The Sherbet Wall

The Sherbet wall is here! We have repurposed our original structure to a stand alone, 4 tube sherbet wall installation. Our sherbets can be delivered in any flavour possible from sweet to savoury & everything in between. You are able to select up to 4 flavours/colours for guests to sample. Guests can either use test tubes, with a logo added, or team the sherbet wall with our Sherbet Dipper experience.

A minimum of 2 Smith & Sinclair hosts will be on hand to set up & run the station throughout tour event.

Previous flavours include: Strawberry, Fizzy Lemon, Mulled Wine and Chocolate.

If you are looking for something a little different flavour wise previous examples include: Pigs in Blankets, Spouts, Red Thai Curry and Blue Cheese.

If you are also interested in adding a bespoke touch there are opportunities to add your logo in the form of a vinyl sticker to the sherbet wall structure & test tubes/bags.

Bespoke flavours can also be developed too at an additional cost.


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