The Gin Experience Bar

The Gin Experience

Our deconstructed Gin and Tonic is like nothing you will have tried before. We have altered the molecular structure of the classic drink to produce a multi-textured taste sensation. Guests are encouraged to get creative by letting their imaginations run wild and experiment with their own edible garnishes. 

Macerated botanicals in the form of a white powder, including the core botanicals used in Gin, are powered onto a spoon.

Then an alcoholic tincture is dropped onto the powder, that fizzes until dissolved. Creating a beautifully theatrical infusion for your cocktail.

Choose between three Edible Fragrances: Cucumber, Rose, and Orange Blossom. The perfume is spritzed in the air as the contents of the spoon is eaten – enhancing the taste by up to 80%. Once you've consumed the botanicals on the spoon and smelt the fragrance, you'll be enjoying a cocktail in a whole different way.



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