Balloon Burst

Balloon Burst

Created to become the ultimate party starter our newest experience, launching in 2019, offers an explosive flavour & glitter moment to scent a space along with a pure social media moment.

Our Balloon plinth is equipped with a selection of flavours & bio-degradable confetti/glitter, a host will be on hand to explain the flavour options & fill the balloons. Your balloon is then blown up to a huge 3ft stature, on your count we will then throw your balloon in the air for you to pierce & cause a flavour & glitter/confetti party!

This experience is perfect for anyone wanting to make some noise & capture a party moment. A Smith & Sinclair host will be on hand to set up & host the experience. A carpet will also be provided to assist with the clear up process!

Flavour powder options include: Rhubarb, Lemon, Raspberry, Apple and Blueberry.

This experience is suited to: product launches, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, summer parties, christmas parties.

If you are also interested in adding a bespoke touch there are opportunities to add your logo in the form of a vinyl sticker to the Balloon plinth along with your logo to the balloons at an additional cost.

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